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Creating content for your website should be an on-going venture. Google search loves new content! Also, when you blog about your company’s services, products, employees and almost anything relating to your company, there is an added benefit: making the reader feel you are the authority on the subject you are blogging about. You are the expert, after all!

 Blogging refers to the new additional content, messaging, video and other media that is published on your website. Blogs have been incorporated into successful small business websites over the past few years with the result being higher search rankings on Google.

how blogging and seo can increase web traffic

John Rod & Co. creates blogs for many local businesses. The correlation between blogs and search ranking is evident. Here are a few tips and tricks to maximizing the readership of your blog:

  • Find out what your focus keyword is
  • Plan your content around your keyword(s)
  • Write an effective blog post (350-500 words is ideal)
  • Pay special attention to the blog post title
  • Add internal links
  • Add video and images to enhance the blog
  • Add your meta data and descriptions
  • Use categories to organize your blog stories

If you are interested in increasing your search engine ranking organically, blogging is the best way to do it. Optimized posts and generating new content is the key to increased website traffic.

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