Develop Your Marketing Strategy with John Rod & Co.

John Rod & Co. can review your current marketing strategy. If you are a small/mid size business and need a website and social media strategy, we can help create one for you. If you are a new business start up, we can help you strategically select a company name, domain name and create a dynamic logo brand and design a unique stationary package.

John Rod & Co.will review your current digital footprint and help guide you to a better understanding of branding and the importance of brand messaging. We can evaluate your current website and let you know what we can do to help. Your business goals are important and so is your ROI. Digital and mobile advertising is becoming more challenging and we can help you gain a clear understanding of what areas may need the most improvement. We have been professionally trained on Hubspot and we understand SEO. We can help you maintain a steady stream of content & create ways to bring in new customers.

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Marketing often requires a review of your target audience. How do potential customers search for a company like yours on the internet? Web search requires an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. We help you create your keywords for use on your website, blogs, social media and metadata. Your small business might also benefit from a Google Adwords campaign. We have successfully created Google Adword campaigns for small and large businesses which target customers while they are searching! 

There are many other forms of marketing and sales techniques each business should be engaged in. Certain forms of social media are good ways to attract customers. Advertising on Instagram or Facebook can also be an effective marketing tool. From geo-fencing to billboards, we can help you decide which form of marketing works best for your type of business and your target audience. And most importantly, we track everything so you can see the effectiveness of each campaign and focus on what is working.

John Rod & Co. is a proud member of the Shore Builders of Central New Jersey, and a proud supporting member of NAHB and NJBA. John Rod & Co. is an advertising firm in Monmouth County, NJ specializing in digital, web, graphics, branding, displays, brochures and signage.