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Ignite Your Brand

Let’s put this out there right away: Your logo is not your brand. Important? Yes. But your logo is just one component of your brand. So, what exactly constitutes your “brand”?

Simply stated, your brand is what your customers think of you and say about you when you’re not around. It’s what your company stands for and what it is known for. At John Rod & Co., we think of it as more of a brand promise – to delight your customers or what clients can reliably expect every time they work with you. When we accurately capture the essence of your brand promise, it creates not only customers, but ambassadors who are enthusiastic about spreading the word about your business.

In order to help craft the most effective brand possible, we will gather all the information available about your target audience, both demographic (who they are) and psycho-graphic (what they like, where they hang out, what they read, watch, and listen to) and put it to work creating a clear, concise message, imagery, and theme in everything we do for you.

Ignite your brand with digital advertising by John Rod & Co.

John Rod & Co. is your source for branding that shows your true colors.

Digital Advertising Services

An ad – or even a series of ads – does not an advertising campaign make. So, what is an advertising campaign?

Google Ad Words, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter & YouTube are just some of the ways to reach audiences through target marketing, links, keywords and ads. Identifying key demographic audiences is the key to any effective marketing and advertising strategy.

An advertising campaign is a series of promotional messages sharing a single theme and appearing across multiple online and offline channels during a specific time frame. Among these channels are Google Ad Words, social media, television, radio, traditional print, digital banner ads, direct mail, outdoor advertising, e-blast campaigns, branded packaging, brochures, collateral materials, signage, and more.

This type of integrated marketing communication maximizes impact and reinforces your brand with your intended audience.

Key Elements of Effective Digital Advertising Campaigns

  • Google Ad Words campaigns.
  • Geo-Fencing Campaigns.
  • Carefully chosen keyword(s) in headlines and “buy” words.
  • Photography/Imagery
  • Video and Video Content
  • Copy that focuses not on the features of your product or service, but rather on the specific benefits your customer will enjoy when working with you.
  • Make copy concise and easy to understand – think “sound bites,” not narrative
  • Consistency in color, imagery, language, font and messaging
  • Nurturing engagement with your target audience on social media
  • Call to action – what do you want the consumer to do once they’ve seen your message?
  • Determine frequency, staging, and follow-up plans in advance
  • Check Analytics – Checking performance of campaigns is paramount to continued success

Signage Design and Installation

“We follow our own long standing rules for signage design. Readability, colors, materials, font style, white space, manufacturing options and installation process all play important roles.”

JOHN ROD – President
Main Entry Structure

The starting point for any sign is the creative design. We design your sign or signage program to reinforce your brand. Because a sign is never “just a sign” to us – and it shouldn’t be to you, either.

With over 25 years in the business of developing signage, we are the experts in creating signage that is immediately understood, impactful, and memorable. We use only materials with a reputation for durability and minimal maintenance requirements.

John Rod & Co. designs the following types of signs and signage programs:

  • Main Entrance Impact
  • Residential Community Signage
  • Commercial Building (exterior and interior)
  • O.T. Reflective
  • Banners
  • Braille / ADA signs
  • Cut Out Letters
  • Cast Bronze and Aluminum

Impact Graphics and Displays

Graphics are there for demonstration, informational purposes and for promoting your brand. We specialize in designing and producing all types of graphics and full color digital prints. We can mount to foam, plexi, sintra, or Celtec. We use various types of hardware for displays and banners depending on the look, style and feel.

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