Website Design and Development

Website design, developing content, professional photography, professionally edited videos, copy writing (keywords) and branding all come together to create a dynamic, compelling, and sticky website!

At John Rod & Co., we understand the importance of marketing on the web and  the impact of a great website design. A website connected to Google Analytics and enhanced with keywords, engaging content and SEO is just the beginning. Continued blogging, lead generation, and social media interaction and engagement with your audience is just as important to maintaining website ranking on search engines. We are also well versed in all forms of ongoing SEO and our websites come with specialized tools which keep each page of the website fully optimized!

The internet is the most profound, dynamic and increasingly important marketing tools any company can invest in. A well designed website can be a company’s best and most effective way to capture leads and gain new customers.

Ignite your inner marketing flame

Responsive Design and Mobile Friendly

Your website needs to have “responsive design”. All of our website designs will adjust automatically to devices and screen sizes.

Chances are over 60%, your are reading this on a mobile device. Our sites are people friendly and therefore mobile friendly! Google rewards mobile friendly websites and will penalize (lower) your rankings if you are not mobile ready. Our web development team will make sure your mobile version is fully optimized and loads quick. We will make real time adjustments which will allow mobile users to quickly find what they are looking for on your website.

Keywords & Search Engine Optimization

Our website designs start with a complete “keyword analysis”. We use these keywords as the basis for all content that gets written and blogged about on your site. We utilize those same keywords (in the right proportion) in writing content, both ON-PAGE and OFF-PAGE in the metadata section of your site.  We even use these keywords as part of your social media footprint.

Call us today at (732) 462-2748. Ask for a free evaluation of your current website and discuss next steps to generating new traffic, new leads and new customers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Website Design & Digital Marketing:

  • Q – Does your current site have “old” technology?
  • A – If your website in more than 2-3 years old, it may need to be redone.
  • Q – Do I need Social Media?
  • A – Social Media helps with SEO and drives traffic. Period.
  • Q – I own many domain names – Is there a domain name strategy?
  • A – Yes, there is a strategy to selecting a domain name(s).
  • Q – How can I make sure my website has everything it needs?
  • A – Hire a professional who will take the time to educate you along the way makes the process exciting and fun.
  • Q – How do I know where I compare to my competition?
  • A – We can grade your website to see what you are doing right and wrong.
  • Q – Does blogging really make a difference?
  • A – Yes – And if done correctly, blogging is another way to drive traffic to your website.
  • Q – What are dedicated landing pages?
  • A – When creating a digital advertising campaign, landing pages are crucial to measuring performance and maximizing lead generation.
  • Q – What about security and hacking?
  • A – Websites can be vulnerable. Each website we develop includes an SSL Certificate. We have created protocols for security and to protect you from spammers.
  • Q – How much will it cost?
  • A – All businesses are different. We will create a budget that fits your needs.