Geofencing is a relatively new tool available to businesses. Here is what you need to know to help capture customers through Geofencing.


What is Geofencing?


Online marketing campaigns are now available that easily allow businesses to focus advertising efforts on people most likely to purchase. This new technology, Geofencing, is able to serve your ads to customers who are within a ‘close proximity’ to your business and/or competition.

Simply, it is a location-based digital marketing tool that is perfect for stores, local shops, eateries, and even new home sales. Geofencing allows you to send messages to mobile users in a defined geographic area. However, it is not limited to mobile users and can be just as effective for tablet and desktop users.


The Fence Itself:


You can use global positioning satellites (GPS) or radio frequency identification (RFID) to define a specific boundary. Once this virtual barrier is established, advertisers can send you a message, ads, alerts, or notifications through your app or web browser. This is usually done when the device enters or exits the fence.


Applications of Geofencing:


For example, Home Builders can set up a Geofence in the parking lot of a rival home builder, hitting them with an offer as they leave with an incentive making them more likely to comparison shop. We recently set a Geofence for a homebuilder that drove 44 people directly from where they were, directly to our community.

For golf courses, you can set up a geo fence at all the other area golf courses. serving ads up to the people who most likely use your service (in this case golfers in the local area) can help attract new members who already love golf.

For cafes and restaurants, alerting customers near a store with an offer or sale will boost the likelihood of a visit!

For a car dealership, setting up a Geofence in a rival car dealer can have a direct impact if you serve up an add for 0% financing or no money down.

Geofencing is also track-able through analytics. This allows you to test market different ‘fences’ and specific pin drops to track success and expand successful campaigns.


To learn more about Geofencing and how you can apply it to your business, contact John Rod and Co. at or give us a call at (732) 462-2748.

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