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With a background in Sales and Marketing, John Rod is an accomplished, national award-winning marketer recognized by his peers for creativity in digital advertising, advertising campaigns, branding, website development and other marketing services.
The company’s strength lies in its ability to create brands and campaigns that expand beyond the digital and cross over to the physical. Small businesses look for a marketing and advertising team that can not only assist in a robust Google Adwords campaign, but also take care of the social media posts, events, monthly audience engagement, web maintenance and strategic search engine optimization.

John Rod and John Rod II - John Rod & Co.

Some of our Digital Marketing Services

Google AdWords

Growing your business with Google Adwords allows customers to easily find your business when searching on Google.

Facebook Advertising

Millions of people interact with businesses on Facebook every day. Make sure your business is one of them!

Instagram Advertising

Increase your customer base and share your stories with a highly engaged audience on Instagram.


Build your audience using a highly-targeted approach based on your audience’s travel and shopping habits.

Banner Ads

Create brand awareness and generate clicks, leads, and purchases with high visibility and targeted banner ads.

Google My Business

Stand out and showcase your location, website, store hours, and services with a robust Google My Business account.

our Team

Our digital team of developers and designers also have a unique talent stack. From creating WordPress websites that are sticky and filled with lead generation, to developing an e-commerce website that makes it easy to purchase products with just one click.
Our award-winning website development and social media team creates websites, branding and messaging that grabs the audience’s attention. Our digital team is backed by our graphic artists and designers, who develop campaigns that attract the right audience for the right products on the right platforms.

Our greatest strength lies in our ability to generate content: branding, colors, fonts and themes are all important. Photography, video production, copy writing, and graphics all combine to create your “brand”. Having the vision to see the direction of a campaign, targeting your audience and obtaining the analytics to measure the success of each campaign is pivotal to your growth. Our team also includes creative & talented members who contribute the copy needed to pull you into the story, the videography and editing to envelope you in an environment, or the photography to captivate or refresh the soul.

And family. We have many family-owned businesses as clients. Our roots come from being part of a close nit family-owned business. The next generation, John Rod II, works closely with his father and continues to add his expertise, knowledge and skills as production manager and a lead website developer.

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