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Creating content for social media helps your search rankings, elevates audience engagement and drives traffic to your website. Together we can create a marketing strategy to write optimized blogs and deliver engaging social media posts to your audience. Creating a social calendar is usually the first step; the time of year should dictate the types of products or services you should be promoting, allowing you to properly plan messaging, graphics and content. The goal should be to engage the audience with various forms of content that will engage them to take notice and act!

When it comes to social media you are spoiled for choice with the endless number of channels available to interact with your audience. 

Questions to Ask:


  1. What channels are my competitors using?
  2. What channels deliver the most engagement?
  3. What type of content on each channel drives the most engagement?

It is all about brand awareness; posting on social media involves finding your voice and your brand. Talking about your company’s brand, services, personnel, strengths and new products are just a few examples of what people post about.

At John Rod & Company, we can help you simplify the process. We can set up your social media channels with your unique branding elements. Our team of social media experts can post for you, including setting up graphics, photography and video elements that will increase views, clicks, shares and likes. The goal is to engage your audience and to push traffic to your website.

 Our team can help you take advantage of advertising opportunities on social media using targeted, results-driven campaigns that direct traffic to your website. Each digital marketing or advertising campaign on social media is backed with analytics to measure engagement and traffic.


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