Coming off the recession with great enthusiasm, home builders are looking forward to opening up new projects in 2014. Here are some of the leading trends you might be seeing in their sales centers!

  1. Colors – Bright and vibrant colors are making a comeback for sales centers. We are starting to see our branding trends change from 50 shades of gray to colors with POP! The colors start on the website and carry forward into your signage and display graphics. TIP: To be remembered over the competition, you should start with the community name, logo and colors….keep this theme running throughout all your overall marketing.
  2. Memory points – Give customers a “Wow” around each corner. Remember to captivate as soon as they walk into the door of your sales center. The trends are toward more impactful oversized 3-D graphics, wall murals, textured walls and reclaimed/recycled materials. They all make for impactful memory points.
  3. Technology – The trend is for larger sales center touch screens (especially contained with-in the site table) and personalized one-on-one virtual tours where the sales team can “show off” the lifestyle, homes, options and amenities in a casual “bar like” atmosphere.
  4. Hospitality – Think warm and fuzzy Starbucks! We are social creatures and when someone takes the time to come and visit your community to tour your models, make them feel at home with plenty of food, snacks, cookies, water and coffee.  The goal is to extend the visitors stay as long as possible, break down some walls, and explore where they are in the buying cycle. Your sales center should have hospitality built into the design.
  5. Mosaics – We are not just seeing mosaics in tiled backsplashes or wall art. Some of the best graphics (creating memory points) are walls with squares that contain photos of people, site photos, notes of thanks, testimonials, where your buyers are from, or reasons your buyers have purchased. The possibilities are endless and “living mosaics” can grow as the community grows.


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