Ignite New Business! A problem/solution based marketing program offered by John Rod and Co.

Great marketing campaigns always start with great messaging.

The IGNITE program can be a vital part in marketing and branding your company or small business. Creating a strategy for 2020 and beyond and being proactive with your brand and brand awareness is the key to success, and that includes reviewing and taking an in depth look at your current digital marketing program. Think of the possibilities!

CREATING A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD – Every business is constantly evaluating trends and how they can still maintain market share. It is easier than you might think. What are some of the topics you should be discussing with your marketing department to ensure you are sending the right message to the right audience? What new technologies are available for you that you may not be aware of.


IGNITE YOUR LEADS AND YOUR WEB PRESENCE – This relates to your company’s website. Increasing website traffic should be a major priority for any business. Here are some of the things we examine when evalutating your business.


  1. INBOUND MARKETING – The goal of creating dynamic content, and setting up your social channels. Once complete, you are ready to blog, post and advertise. Do you need a creative marketing agency to help you set up your company for success?
  2. KEYWORDS – This is the FUEL you need. How do you make sure you are found in search engines when people are looking for your services or products? There is no shortcut.  Using the proper keywords are essential when creating branding, messaging or keywords about your products and services. We can help.
  3. CONSISTENCY – Your marketing should not be a part time effort. The creation of great graphics and continuous brand awareness will help your brand catch fire. Weekly posting and monthly blogging will push traffic to your website. There are many packages to choose from which can fit your compnaies needs and budget.
  4. SOCIAL MEDIA – Google Search loves companies that are SOCIAL and connected. Creating the right social channels will jump-start your marketing efforts. Keep up with the latest trends for companies just like yours. We can set up your social channels and  create a marketing calender and create a social media, SEO and blogging program for your business.
  5. GOOGLE MY BUSINESS – We all must be Google friendly. Let’s make sure you are doing all the right things as it relates to search. What do people search and what is the process before they make a decision to buy? What are the steps in-between and how do website visitors to become customers? We can help.
  6. EVALUATE YOUR BRAND – Leverage your message and brand awareness across the web and social channels. hings to do that help in Google Search Rank? – Speed, landing pages, being mobile centric, easy to navigate, proper SEO, An SSL Certificate, Accessibility Tools and terms of service all make the list. Consult a digital marketing agency like John rod and Co. to maximize your ROI.

What are the things to do that help in Google Search Rank? – Speed, landing pages, being mobile centric, easy navigation, proper SEO, an SSL Certificate, accessibility tools and terms of service all make the list.

Consult a digital marketing agency like John Rod and Co. to maximize your ROI.

The goal is simple: For us to find out more about you and your company. Examine how you do business and how you get and keep customers. Let us help you evaluate, create and leverage your brand awareness and create a marketing strategy for 2020 and beyond that you will have confidence in. To set up an appointment, call 732.462.2748….. Or click Here!





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