Website  creation: seems like a daunting task. Creating a new website should be fun, rewarding and challenging. Over the past few years I am repeatedly asked the same questions and decided to put those questions here along with a few of the answers.


Where do I start?

Hire a great website developer/designer. Make sure they have in-depth knowledge of keywords, web marketing and they have the ability to show you some of their past web creations and the functionality you are looking for. Ask them about hosting, e-mail connections and if they plan on training your staff to use the “back end”.

2.       Can people really create their own website for $1?

Yes – If they are already a web developer, and understand thousands of ins and outs and all the connection points of websites. The companies that offer websites for free are also trying to sell you other services monthly. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. The last two websites I have contracted were for people who “tried” to do it on their own and found the process frustrating and time consuming.

3.       How do I know my new website will not become obsolete?

Typically, if your current website is over two years old it is obsolete because the technology available today is much faster and easier. If you use WordPress as your base, it will be constantly updated along with any plug-ins you may choose to use. WordPress also allows you to “change themes” in a few months or years for a fresh look with the ability for new fresh plug-ins.

4.       How do I insure people will visit my site?

If you do a good job establishing your competitive keywords, and write all the metadata, content and social media around those specific keywords, you will be found….be sure to be “social media” friendly and to have a blog!

5.       Once they find my site, how do I make sure they interact and engage?

Great question! Getting people to view, navigate and engage is a challenge. Mix offers, coupons, invitations, call-to-action, response areas and RFP’s in areas most likely to create engagement. Have a strategy and do more of what is working. Check you reports to see how you’re doing at least once per month. Google analytics is free!

6.       What about social media?

You need it! When hiring a web developer, make sure they are proficient in guiding you as to what will work for your type of business along with a strategy for posting on social media. Social media is the new S.E.O.

7.       How do I know if it is working?

Analytics is king! Has your web developer created a Google Analytics account (it’s free)? Make sure they set it up to send you a report each week. And, most importantly, make sure they are willing to teach you what to read on the report to interpret your next steps.

Think of your website as a living/breathing thing. Think of Google as a monster who eats NEW information… feed the monster!!!

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